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Give a future for 950 Indian kids living with HIV

Help us support 950 vulnerable children living with HIV in south India. 80% of children living with HIV are now adolescents. The Indian Government gives HIV medicines at busy clinics with inadequate counselling service. However, guardians are reluctant to talk about their child's HIV status and its implications, leading to misinformation and confusion. These children suffer neglect, discrimination, and psychological stress, leading to low self-esteem, depression, school refusal, irregular treatment, suicidal thoughts and inappropriate decisions regarding sex and marriage. Our volunteers assist government services by identifying and assisting the most vulnerable children and provide emergency support in crisis. We help guardians to counsel their wards on HIV facts, regular tablet taking and a healthy lifestyle. We resolve individual problems - medical or psychological - and we address discrimination, family conflict, and return to education. We prepare older adolescents for adult life and discuss puberty, sexuality, relationships, safer sex and marriage plans.

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