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Arogya Agam was registered under Societies Registration Act 24th December 1982 (37/1982 at Periyakulam). We are also registered with the Income Tax department under sections 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act (464/67/1983-84/CIT-I) which allows Indian Tax payers to claim income tax relief on donations. We are registered under the Foreign Contributions Registration Act (number 075940076) in order to receive foreign funding.

Arogya Agam team consists of 40 staff, 15 consultants and 300 volunteers. Our annual budget is in the order of 2 Crore Rupees (20m) (£200,000).


Arogya Agam Society has a general body of interested members which periodically elect an executive or management committee. In addition there is a financial sub committee and advisory groups which are constituted from time to time. The Secretary is the chief functionary of the Society and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the committees and the general body. The Secretary works closely with the Director who manages the day to day running of the organisation

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